Hello World for Easy Income

This is a section for posting easy income information that anyone can do.  I don’t have much to post at the moment.  This is the first post.  I will have a lot more content in the future.  Once I do a real post for the Easy Income section, this post might get deleted since it doesn’t deliver any value.

WordPress Hosting with Domain on a Budget

I been paying for web hosting for my domain for a few years.  I realize I don’t really need paid hosting at the moment.  I found this one called biz.ht that offers free hosting and you can use your own domain with it.  So far so good.  I actually made this post like an hour after I signed up.

What hosting I was using before:

  • FatCow (Paid) – My domain is still stored here.  I just change the nameserver to point to biz.ht.
  • HostGator (Paid)
  • Awardspace (Free)
  • 000Webhost (Free)