TradeUpToTheTop March 2016 to April 2016 Trade Record

TradeUp2TheTop Review 2016

TradeUp2TheTop is a service that trades your MarketsWorld binary options account.  They use a third party service called SignalPush that connects the trader with the client (you).  The trader is Doug Demartini, you can find him on facebook and other social networks.  The monthly subscription for him to trade your account is $350 per month.TradeUp2TheTop Homepage Screenshot 2016-04-17_10-25-59

Winning Percentage Review
The 1st question that everyone wants to know first.  What is the winning percentage.  He claims to have a 89% winning ratio in December 2015 to the end of January 2016.  The winning percentage for my one month with him was around 60%.  The month ended in profit, but it doesn’t justify the monthly cost to keep having him trade for you if your trade size is less than $200.TradeUpToTheTop March 2016 to April 2016 Trade Record

I deposited $200 in MarketsWorld and connected to him.  I set my trade size to $2 per trade.  He ended the month with $4 in profit.  Remember it cost $350/month to have him trade for you.  So if you scale that up to $200 trade size, which is 100x of what I’m set to, you would have ended the month with $400 in profit minus that $350 fee, you have ended the month with $50 profit.  As long as he never dips below 60% winning percentage it should be fine to trade $200, but make sure you have at least $2000 in your account to buffer the losses.

Communication Review
Before I joined, Doug DeMartini was very responsive answering all my questions.  Once I signed up, the hiccups started happening.  The 1st one is it took a week to get me connected.  Turns out he forgot to connect me until I asked him what the status was.  Once I got connected, he has been taking 1 to 3 trades per day for a few days and my account was down.  Its good that he’s using risk management so your account won’t go down too much.  Then he stopped trading for a week.  So my account was doing nothing, but subscription is still counting down.  I sent him email about what’s going on.  He didn’t respond till a week later.  Turns out he was having some personal issues, but he said he’ll extend everyone’s subscription by the missed time.  Sounds good, but two weeks SignalPush disconnected me.  So he never extended my subscription.  To summarize this part, it is a pain in the ass.  The subscription is not automatic, so you must remember each month to pay Doug in order to not get disconnected.  On top of that, he needs to remember to keep you connected.  I sent him an email about getting reconnected and extending my account for the missed time.  It’s been four days with no response for him.  SignalPush reviews the trader before letting people using their service to trade for people.  The require the trader to send them documents of their trade history.  They do this to protect the clients from fake traders that can’t trade.

Until he reaches back out to me, I’m going to consider this service something to avoid.  I want to be able to slowly build up the account taking $5 trades, then move to $10, then $20, and so on.  I don’t think I can begin with $200 trades.  I’m most likely not going to use TradeUp2TheTop again.  $350 per month is very hefty for mediocre results.