Week 1 with iMarketsLive’s FXSignalsLive

I been with iMarketsLive for about a week.  I signed up April 10, 2016.  I immediately got setup with the mirror trading service using a FXCM demo account because that’s what attracted me to it.  I just chose a random master trader to copy trades from.  That is Smooth Sterling.  I don’t know if I have bad luck or what, but once I joined, Smooth Sterling started to take unusual trades.  He opens trades but he doesn’t close them.  Also some trades gets copied and some doesn’t.

Week 1 Smooth Sterling Open TradesSmooth Sterling Open Trades

I marked down 1, 2, 3, and 4 in the screenshots, which are trades that my account successfully copied.  The red rectangles are trades that my account was not able to copied.  You can compare it to my account below:

Week 1 FxSignalsLive

So I have a bunch of AUD/USD trades open, which are way out of the money right now.  I’m not so sure it would even reverse for awhile.  I’m not too worried about losing trades, but the accuracy of copying trades are 50% is worrisome.  I’m currently going back and forth with their support to figure out what is going on.  Their support takes one whole day to respond.

I also came across another issue with the mirror trader.  There was one trade that my account copied, but I notice Smooth Sterling closed the trade.  I took a look at my account and notice that same trade is still running and didn’t closed until the next day.Week 1 Smooth Sterling Closed TradeWeek 1 Fxsignalslive closed trade

I don’t think I’m going to put in real money with the mirror trading service until they get this sorted out.