Gladiacoin – Double Your Bitcoins in 90 Days – SCAM

UPDATE:  This actually turned out to be a scam.  The early people that got in and referred people made a lot of money.  It really sucks for people that joined later on.  I lost 0.10 BTC, which I got for $120 early in the year.  I was able to get back 0.03 BTC.

Bitcoin is all the craze these days now that Japan started accepting Bitcoins as official payment.  That’s right! When you go to Japan you can pay with your Bitcoins.

Anyways back to Gladiacoin.  Gladiacoin is pretty new and only started a few months ago.  They say you’ll double your Bitcoins in 90 days and for that to work you need to have a minimum investment of 0.10 BTC (~156.21 USD at the time of this post).   I can’t guarantee how sustainable this program is, but I know people are getting paid by it.  I would only invest with Spartacus 2-7.  Don’t even bother with Spartacus 1 because you only make money from referrals and you don’t qualify for double the account.

Gladiacoin Investment Levels
Gladiacoin Investment Levels

WARNING: DO NOT SEND YOUR BITCOIN to the BTC address that is expired because you will lose that Bitcoin and there’s no way for you to get it back.  YOU MUST CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.  

My Plan
I’m currently invested with 0.10 BTC (Bitcoin) with Spartacus 2.  I’m 11 days into the program at 0.02444442 BTC.  Once your investment reaches at least 0.03 BTC, it will automatically withdraw into your BTC wallet.  I’m 3 days away from the minimum withdrawal.  I’ll make an update when I get the withdrawal.

Gladiacoin Dashboard
Gladiacoin Dashboard

Once I reach 0.10, I’ll reinvest that 0.10 with a new account as a referral of myself.  Doing this increases the earning rate of the main account, so you’ll double your investment faster.  This is a strategy my sponsor is using, pretty good if you ask me.


  • 0.10 BTC
  • BTC Wallet to send/receive BTC.

That’s it for now.  I’ll post an update when I get my 0.03 BTC.  There’s another BTC program I want to talk about for the people that doesn’t have 0.10 BTC to invest.  Have fun and good look investing!

Disclaimer:  I’m not the owner and I cannot guarantee this program will always payout, but for the time being they are working.  Only invest amounts where you can afford.  Do not break to bank for programs like these.