About Me

I’m a first generation Asian American that grew in San Francisco, California.  My dad gave me a Chinese name, Zhu Jai Neng which supposedly means I’m capable of many things.  I have a BS in Computer Engineering.  That was one tough major to get through.

I’m interested in many things.  I love photography especially when there is BOKEH!  I like taking photos and playing with different camera lenses.  I like building web applications and adding/improving features.  I can pick up any programming language, if it is required but for now my favorite is coding in C#.NET.  I really like find legitimate ways to make money online.  I love playing video games, but rarely have time for them now.

I like working on websites and that’s why I have this blog.  I plan to post about web programming, photography, easy income, games, and cars.

I have a full time job as a Front-end Quality Assurance for web applications.